Weegee World is a planet in the YTP universe created by Weegee, where he creates Weegee-ized versions of regular characters. It basically looks like a gigantic Weegee head.

Characters On The Planet:

Waweegee and Walleo: Weegee versions of Wario and Waluigi, these terrors have acess to to the Fatso Disease and the Skinno Disease, which each make you fat and skinny.

Sawneek: A Weegee-ized version of Sonic, he and Sanic have crossed paths many times.

Wubgee: A Weegee version of Wubzy from Wow Wow Wubzy, he is a master of jumpscares and is incredibly cruel and sadistic. MUST BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS.

Pikagee: A Weegee version of Pikachu. Likes bananas. Nothing else known.

Meegee: A replacement for Malleo should he ever get killed. Is weaker than Malleo.

Squeegee: A rouge failed creation who escaped. Is somehow even more powerful than Weegee himself. Sqeegee is now famous due to have started the events of the YTP War.

Weegee World was later destroyed by Shadow Kirby, along with Meegee and Pikagee. The other inhabitants escaped. A new Weegee World was later created by Meegee and resides at the very center of the United 'Gees Galaxy. It has become a delightful vacation place for many Fakegees.

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