Hello, guys and gals! Just stopping by to tell you some great news, munch on M&M bread, and warm up your creativity and ideas!

We're almost up to 100 articles! That's right, 100! We need your help to reach that amount! You guys are awesome!

By the way, as our wiki expands, we need more users and ideas! I decided that it would be a nice time during the snowy season to sketch up some fan-made SANIC BALLS, eh?

We want YOUR SUGGESTIONS! Whether it be a new Sanic character you made up yourself, Shadow Kirby, or Spoderman, please draw a picture and tell us about your character!

Enjoy some banana M&M bread on a cold winter day!

Rules of the Rolling Road

  1. Please draw the skin of your character. It's best to do this on a virtual paint program. Be creative and make up something really nice that everyone will adore!
  2. Please be original. Imagine of and draw something different instead of a usual Sanic. You can use characters from other games, like Shadow Kirby or Master Hand! (I love Kirby, personally)
  3. Please tell us about your character's personality! What's it's favorite food? Who's it's friend? Are they part of the Robuttnik Army?

When you're ready to show it, write an article about it and place it under the category of "Sanic Ball".

Have a holly-jolly January! Hope everything goes out easily on monday! 

Maxresdefault (2)

Gotta go faster, kids! It's COLD outside!

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