Sanic is fasting through the forest when Taels suddenly screams, "SANIC SANIC MATEL SANIC IS BAC!" What will Sanic do? A. Confront the menace. B. Punch Taels in the face for being a dipshit. C. Eat Doritos. D. Ride on a magical Shrek. A: Sanic fasts over and goes over to Matel Sanic and yells, "HEY YOU DUMB BRIK I HAPPEN TO KNOW PEOPLE WHO KNOW PEOPLE WHO PEOPLE WHO KNOW PEOPLE WHO KNOW PEOPLE WHO KNOW PEOPLE WHO KNOW JOHN CENA SO YA BETTER WATCH OUT BUBAROONIE!" What will Matel Sanic do? E. Blast Sanic. F. Run away like he should. G. Summon assistance. H. Blow himself up. B: Sanic punches Taels in the face for being a dipshit. THE END C: Sanic grabs a bag of Doritos and begins eating. While he's eating, Matel Sanic destroys the world. THE END D: Sanic flies away on a magical Shrek and leaves planet Earth behind forever. He lives on a swamp planet with a bunch of ogres and names them all Shrek. THE END E: Matel Sanic blasts Sanic and kills him to death. But then, JOHN CENA appears and totally obliterates him. THE END F: Matel Sanic runs away like the coward he truly was and Sanic saves the day. THE END G: Matel signals for help and a gigantic winged fire-breathing Pepe dragon appears. Now Sanic's in big trouble. What will Sanic do? I. Run away. J. Fight. K. Request assistance of his own to make it a fair fight. L. Just stand there gaping in horror. H: Matel Sanic activates his ultimate weapon: Detonating himself. Matel dies; unfortunately, the resulting blast also destroys the planet. THE END TO BE CONTINUED IN MY NEXT POST

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