Toon Shupa Sawneek

Me after I've seen way to many memes.

Hi there!!! I have no idea if you care, but welcome to Jerebear1's profile!!! I like Sanic Hegehog, and I am looking forward to making this wiki a better place!!!

My alternate profile page is MewtwoSanic, so if you ever see that MewtwoSanic edited something, you'll know that I am that guy!!!

My favorite pagesEdit

  • My all-time FAVORITE page on the wiki: Sawneek. You should DEFINITELY check it out!
  • Favorite page #2: Weegee.
  • Favorite page #3: Shoop Da Whoop.

Edit: YES!!!! What's up, Sanic Generation!!! It's been so long, but I'm finally BACK, and ready to make the wiki a better place once again! I may take a break from this wiki every now and then, but know that I will always be here for you guys! PEACE!!!!


Sanic himself, ready to be swegalicious as usual.

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