These are what would it be if an upgrade shop would be in the game,as well as more balls.

Ranks Edit

Ranks are a feature. This allows you to show levels, and they give you advantages/disadvantages.

Rank Level Shown Advantages Disadvantages
Nooby 1 -Average -50% chance of losing
Rookie 5 -Some wins avaliable

-Start of using attacks

-65% chance of losing
Intermidate 15-20 -60% of wins owned

-Packs can be used

-Introduction to Fast Bucks

-85% chances of losing
Professional 35+ -80% of wins owned

-Many stuff avaliable

-95% chances of losing
Elite 75+ -Many avaliable stuff

-Research avaliable

-Trophy collection startable

-Enough FB used to buy maps

Godly Higher than 76+ -Everything -Barely wins for others

Drops Edit

Drops are items that can be bought at the Store.

Drop Cost Ability Looks
Cigar 15 Gives a cigar, and blocks sights of others Box: A box, labelled "CIGARS OF THE CIGAR"

Cigar: Cigarette, orange front and rest white

Poison 25 Give to a player to elliminate from the race Canister: A black, canister, with a scannable qr code on the back, in a white square. The front is labelled "TAILS'S POISON".

Smoke: Green smoke.

Bento 65 Speeds up yourself A black tray. Three sushi, one with fish, two with rice. There is a packet, and a can of soy sauce, along with chopsticks on the top of it.
Panties 85 Embarass a player, thus elliminating them from the race A pink pair of panties, with an image of an anime-style bear on the front.
Dynamite 115 Explode a player A red cylinder with a wire stacked on it. The dynamite is labelled "C-47, HITMAN ONLY".
Dual Shotguns 455 Shoot two players at once. Both shotguns are in the style of Remington 90s.
Chest 1655 Capture a player, and you can let them out in a place Gold chest from collection games.

Building Edit

Building is a special feature. You need a specific amount of materials to create it.

Name Requirement Effect Works on Others?
Teleporter 6 Metal

2 Power Crystals

Teleports you to random destination. No
PortaCheckpoint 9 Metal

23 Power Crystals

6 Wool

Adds a checkpoint to the map. Yes
Dropped Log 50 Logs Stuns those under it. Can squeeze them hard that they launch off. Yes
Boost 6 Metal

50 color types

Gives you a random effect on the color.

Red gives you a flame to burn others.

Orange causes a series of flames in a ring to appear around you.

Yellow launches everybody on the map off.

Green gives you a headstart to the last checkpoint.

Blue gives you a headstart to the checkpoint you recently finished.

Purple springjumps you to the start. Good for shortcuts.

Pink causes your trail to go rainbow.

White does nothing.

Brown instantly teleports you to the start.

Black stuns you.

Fire color causes you to burn.

Cyan freezes you.

Crimson causes an effect from the Armageddon pack to happen.

Gray sends you to spectators.

Springjumper 150 Springs Launches you to a part of the map. No
Alarm 4 Metal

50 Red Color type

21 Noise

Flings the ball who caused it to start somewhere.

Upgrades Edit

Sound cool, eh?

You can even get the Pacman cheat!

(And summon abilities, research skins, change your sound and even buy maps!)

Name Effect Costs Required
Faster I Your speed is increased to 250.

(Super Sanic is 465)

150$ Avalible on start.
Faster II Your speed passes from 250 to 390.

(Super Sanic is from 465 to 590)

240$ 14 laps,or when Faster I is purchased.
Faster III Your speed reaches 1000.

(Super Sanic is 999)

390$ 20 laps,or when Faster II is purchased.
Ultra Fast Your speed can reach levels that can break the sound barrier

2500 Fasts to 9500 Fasts

(SS is 4300 fasts to 12500 fasts)

15,000,000,000,000 Fastbucks

965 Sanic Coins

MOST INSANE TO UNLOCK IN THE GAME.Win 165,000,000 races or when Super Fast is purchased by Sanic Coins.)
Super Fast Your speed is about 1500.

(Super Sanic is 2900)

Warning:This speed may lead you off tracks,like Ice Mountain or Rainbow Road.


12,000 Sanic Coins

HARD:420 laps,or when Faster III is purchased.
Doge Trail Turns your trail left behind into a picture of the popular meme Doge. 120$ Avalible on start.
420 Trail Turns your trail into weed (This is used by Super Sanic) 350$ When Doge Trail is purchased.
Armor Your speed gets slower,and your ball is wearing a whole set of armor. 440$ Avalible at lvl 5,or purchased for 500 Fastbucks.
Indestuctible Armor Your speed is bit faster,and the armor is wearing a whole set of Gold Armor. 1,600$ Avalible at lvl 10,or purchased for 1,500 Fastbucks.
VIP Armor 99999 speed,and you will never respawn,You can float on places. 9,999,999$ HARD:Reach level 100 or find the VIP ball.
Cloud Makes your ball float,Your ball is surrounded by a cloud. 3,000$ Find the hidden Cloudball.
Car Gives your ball a set of four wheels,Your speed is increased to 1500. 49,000$


Find the Car ball.
Gigantic Your ball is enlarged to 24x24,the size of a pixeled TV,and you are slower. 1,000,000$
Locate all hidden spots of the Gigantic Ball.
Wakka Wakka! You can enable the "pacman" cheat. 0$ Find the Pacman ball in Green Hill Zone
So Expensive You get all upgrade powers. 2582385932582985395835893895$ Will require level 1,000.
Wings You has Eclpise wings 66666666666666666666666666666$ WARNING: Its hard to get.

Repeat the number it costs to buy the wings.

Wengs You has Eklips wengs 47$ Willl require level 876

Ball Ideas Edit

Name Speed Size How To Find
Clasysc Sanic 139 Small Found when you have 16 laps.
Blais 242 Medium Found when you accomplish 20 laps.
Jat 349

269 in jetform

Medium *Ball*

Medium *Jet*

Found when you type in "who cares".
Noob 145 Medium Found when you type how do i move in the bar.
Problem?/Troll 1,000

WARNING:You could fall off races with this speed.

Medium When you have 150 laps.
Mehtarton 1,500 Medium When you choose your name as "metta".
Sornz 1,300 Large When you choose your name as "sans".
Skorm 1,500 Large When you accomplish 140 laps with Jat.
Mtn dew 1,000,000 Giant When you type in "mtn dew".
M.L.G/Major league Gaming 1,000,000 Large When you type in "mlg" during a race in chat.
Moon Lord 145,000 Giant When you accomplish 10,000 laps.
Freedi Fastbaerz OVER 9,000,000! Medium When you get Moon Lord and MLG then type "Freedi" during a race in chat.
Chica da chikeem 678fhdfkhyg8734564568486 GIGANTIC WOW After you defeat Eklips she will appear
Cate 19 Large .You can Unlock her after Saying in Chat: "Cate is a cat and Doge GF i SHIP DOGE AND CATEXDXDXDXD"
Skeleton chair 736 515 Say "WAKE ME UP" in chat
Doge 42069999999999 Small Find the hidden doges
Sletha.ieo 2,176,495,282,420 Large VERY HARD TO FIND:

First you have to dominate 500 races and upgrade to Super Fast.

Then, purchase a new map and locate a hidden icon.

Touch the icon and a message pops up saying you have the icon. Quit a race and then open the upgades.

Purchase THIS ball for 3,500,000$ and then upgrade it to max (found in the second box here.)

You have the map and the ball with this.

Catfish 645000 mph Extreme INSANE BALL TO EVEN UNLOCK.

How to unlock?

  1. Make sure you have 3,500 laps in total and 450 races won.
  2. Make also sure you have ALL upgrades [not including Super Fast] purchased.
  3. Make sure you have all the balls in the game.
  4. Type in the numbers: 201, 350, 782, 645,310, 950 (in a single line it is.)
  5. Go to the sequel of the original Sanic game.
  6. Do the konami code.
  7. Type in what you just entered in (201 350 782 645 310 950) and you'll get a message saying you have the ball.
  8. Congrats!
O RLY? 295315 Large Say " O RLY", "YEAH RLY?"


Agaw.eeo The same speed as a starting cell in Small to Large (depending on your chosen size) Try Agario for the first time with the game.

You fill in the rest of the blanks.

Fast Bucks Edit

Fast Bucks Obtained
Level Amount of Wins Cost Can Afford
200 500 145,000,000 FB 60 balls

Tankish Pack

Every map (if not doing the objectives)

500 950 600,000,000 FB 100 balls

Super Fast upgrade


1250 4500 9,000,000,000 FB Everything in the game.
5000 10,000 3,550,000,000,000 FB Nearly all upgrades, all balls and the Ultra Fast upgrade]

Backpacks Edit

Backpacks are a special item that can be used to store balls. Your starting backpack has space for 90.

Name Holds Space Maximum Cost
Starter 90 90 90 0
Spare 125 165 190 400
Steel 165 200 225 1250
Ultra 500 525 625 9000
Duffel 1000 1250 2950 15,000
VIP 5000 5600 7500 125,000
Box 10,000 25,000 65,000 1,000,000
Omega 1,000,000 5,000,000 10,000,000 5,000,000!!!
Ball Vault 50 million 1 billion 5 trillion 150,000,000

Lobbies Edit

Lobbies are used for your servers in order to make it nicer. The original lobby is a small room with the motto text.

Name Cost Appearance Contains
Starter 0 A small room with a series of text if you look closely. Nothing. just a hidden text.
Plain 45 A white room. The owner can change the color or determine if it should be an image. Text can also be added. Determines.
Improved 150 A small room with a couch and wooden walls. A window is in the room. Wooden walls, couch and a window.
Better 250 The inside of a highly detailed room. Has two floors which makes the camera pan if you get on one. Furniture and two floors.
Futuristic 650 What appears to be the inside of a ship. The camera pans if you move into one of the rooms. Inside of a ship.
Past 800 A room with the backgrounds of the prehistoric age. Complete with fake dinosaurs that roar. Prehistoric age
School 4400 Largest lobby. The camera will actually move, and you can EXPLORE the school. Japan schools.
Factory 4600 Background. There are machines in the background that seem to be "pounding" what seems to be objects. Factories.

Accessories/Clothes Edit

After winning the Neko Kittens map, you can wear accessories and even clothes.

(You have to win in order to get a random hat.)

Accesories usable
T1 T2
Top Hat Hands
Glasses Mask
Toolset Scientist Clothes
Toy car Scientist Set
Underwear Ears
Shield Mace n Chain
Cap Chains
Pants Police Hat
Fake Mouth Tutu
Mehjuras Mesk Skirt
Gasmask Painter Set
Welder Mask Racecar Set
Sign Endoskeleton
Wheels Hammer

Maps Edit

Name Cost/Requirement Difficulty Comes with
Chicken Dinner All balls used in a single server [one server only] Hard Turkey ball

"Cluckity Cluck" soundpack

Jack-O-Map Halloween code accessed [405-303-261-945] Very Hard Halloween pack

Epic set

"Bumping in the Night" soundpack

Festive Racing Power 9,450,000$ Epic Firework ball

Increased chance of easter eggs in a map found

"July World" soundpack"

Armaraceageddon Armageddon pack purchased Easy "Armageddon" powerpack

"Biohazard" and Ebola ball

Neko Kittens All balls used Extreme Hardened Trophies

Accesories and clothes

RaceWorld "Racing is fun" entered in chat. Ultra Hard/Very Epic Universe pack

Many balls unlocked

"Karts or Carts?" trophy

An Agar It Is Agario played with the game is open Universally Endlessly Hard Not Cells trophy

Agario map unlocked

All Agario agar skins unlocked

Research Facility 23,750,000 Noobishly Easy Skin researching ability

"Scientific Observatory" trophy

Scientist skins

Monday Play on Monday Unsure 22,000,000 Fastbucks


"First Day" trophy

"Garfield" skin

Inside the Milky Way "Galaxy" in name Impossible Universe in a Universe trophy

Trophies Edit

Name Description How to Unlock? Prizes
Karts or Carts? I'm unconfused on how these are... but i think they may be

karts? or carts?

Achieve first place in the Raceworld map 945,000,000$

Most balls

Universal pack

Not Cells They're Agars... Who named these things?! Complete the An Agar It Is map without falling 435,000,000$

Agario map

All agario skins

Scientific Observatory We researched these cells... they were

not cells.. but rolling balls that race.

Achieve first place in the Research Facility map 2,450,000,000$

Scientist skins

Skin researching ability

First Day Typical average mondays. Finish in any rank on the "Monday" map 22,100,000$

"Garfield" skin

The ability to register codes

Universe in a Universe The Milky Way. A galaxy that's a universe... in a universe... in a universe. In under 10 minutes win the Inside the Milky Way map without dying 3,500,000,000$

Soundpacks Edit

Name Affects Sound to... List of sounds
Cluckity Cluck Rolling noise; turkey

Brake noise: intense clucking


[Clucking intensifies]

Turkey Scream

Rooster Scream

Bumping in the Night Rolling noise: werewolf roar

Brake noise: BOO!



Scary Laugh

Witch Laugh



July World Rolling noise: Crowd

Brake noise: Firework explosion


Crowd Cheering



Power Packs Edit

Name Abilities Effects Description
Armageddon Pack Meteor Fall


Intense Tornadoes

Strong Hurricanes

Powerful Earthquakes

Deadly Droughts

Global Warming

Strong Flood

Nuclear Apocalypse

Alien Swarm


New Life


Causes very destructive abilities.

EXAMPLE: Intense Tornadoes can throw balls to very far areas.

Tsunami causes a tidal wave to drown balls.

Global Warming slows down balls.

Extinction destroys all balls in the area.

Strong Flood causes a flood to drown all the balls but they can be destructive.

Alien Swarm sends UFOS into the area, shooting down the enemy balls.

Nuclear wipes out every ball int he area, throwing them to off the map at 53725 fasts/h.

Strong Hurricanes can drown and throw balls at the same time. This is a possible combination of sea and wind fused.

New Life causes ape faced balls to appear. They will attack the balls causing them to respawn to a checkpoint.

Time for bad!
Micheal Bay Pack Small Bomb


Medium Bomb

Large Bomb

Nuclear Bomb


Bomb Rain

Bomb on a Chain

Mega Bomb

Super Bomb

Fire Bomb

Electro Bomb

Ice Bomb


Earthquake Bomb

Piano Bomb


Cluster Bomb

Fire Bomb

Combustible Lemon

Wrecking Bomb

Causes massive amount of damage to balls in its radius. How about some bombs it is?

Trivia/Info Edit

  • Mehtaton is a reference to Mettaton,a Undertale character.
  • Sornz is a reference to Sans,a Undertale character.
  • Noob is a reference to ROBLOX.
  • Moon Lord is a reference to Terraria,as it is being called "the final boss".
  • MLG and Mtn dew are both references to the MLG group,The ones not in that game are Doritos,Snoop Dogg.
  • Troll or Problem? was a reference to the popular Troll meme,also known as Trollface,This meme was used for raging kids,or you know,problems or something.
  • Jat and Blais were in the ROBLOX version of Sanicball.
  • Doge is a reference to the meme Doge,which has been spammed.
  • There was an unused ball named "triangle" which was named Illuminati in the game,It is unknown if this file for a custom project existed.
  • A gift for Halloween appeared,that feautured the "Charles Barkley" and Pumpkinface balls,They two appeared in different ways:
  • Charles Barkley one appeared if you typed in "Charles Barkley" or "Basketball" in chat.
  • Pumpkinface were avalible by collecting all 15 hidden pumpkins,These two were avalible for 100 hours before it was removed from the game.
  • The bold 55,000$ means it is only avalible when you add 2 or more mods.
  • Eclipse the Darkling is copy of Eklips da Derklong And he have power called Wings but Eklips have Wengs.
  • Cate is A cat.She is parody of Doge in Cat form also she is DOGE GF.
  • Intense Tornadoes can possibly reference the 2011 tornado outbreak [which spawned 1699 tornadoes and killing nearly 560]
  • Hurricanes are named . It is unknown if the Strong Hurricanes ability can be named Hurricane Sanic.
  • The Armageddon powerpack references disasters that can eradicate humanity. Sadly there is no Planet Collision in the pack to make this a true reference.
  • A user on this wikia can make a Planet Collision in the pack to make the reference a true thing.
  • The user during the Strong Earthquakes abilty is able to set the magnitude.
  • If the player sets it to 1.2 or lower. it will be noise. However it is higher than 9.0 it can shake balls and destroy the map.
  • This affects the Hurricanes and Tornadoes attack. It allows the user to set the level.
  • Agario pack and the Sleether.eio ball references and There is a possible reference.
  • The user able to research Sanicball skins are most likely to reference cure research, discoveries or even unsolved mysteries.
  • It is unknown whether the player is able to get trophies. This references Super Smash Bros. Brawl because of the trophies created.
  • This page is currently a WIP. Create a edit to know which skins you can get if you research and what is inside the packs.
  • Currently Ebola is the only skin known to reference a disease.
  • With that. Ebola is currently spreading in the USA, however only two cases were reported. Poor Ebola.
  • The Biohazard currently uses no face, but simply a symbol from Google.
  • The color of Biohazard is very close to Knackles.
  • A new map known as "Plague Spreading" would come out. It also will contain another pack known as " Hazardous Material".
  • Fast Bucks.
  • Skin packs are most likely to come.