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Ultimate Weegee is one of Weegee's strongest forms. It is achieved when Weegee absorbs his Weegee Death Stare through his eyes, thus creating the unspeakable demon before you. He is nearly invincible, can move at blinding speeds, and even possesses enough power to defeat Super Sanic easily. His brother is Ultimate Malleo.

Powers And AbilitiesEdit

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Ultimate Weegee in combat.

Ultimate Weegee can do some pretty crazy things. Because he has absorbed the Weegee Death Stare through his eyes, simply looking directly at him can trigger the effects the Weegee Death Stare usually brings. In fact, just looking into his eyes for a second can lead to intense pain, making it very difficult to battle Ultimate Weegee in physical combat. The only way to completely protect yourself is to put on some dank MLG shades. He also has all of the powers of Weegee's base form-check out Weegee's own article to check out those powers-except at a far greater magnitude. Believe it or not, Ultimate Weegee is actually even FESTER than Super Sanic, and has even greater durability. Like Super Sanic, he does slowly lose energy the longer he remains in the form, but the benefits of Ultimate Weegee far outweigh the negatives.

When Weegee combines the Ultimate form with his Fire Weegee form, he gets Ultimate Fire Weegee. Ultimate Fire Weegee is much better than both his Ultimate and Fire forms and has his Ultimate attacks mixed in with Fire Flower power.

Usage Against SanicEdit

Weegee used this form against Sanic as early as his third battle against the hegehog. When the Pesky Plumber revealed this form, not even Super Sanic could handle his power, and he lost the battle. Luckily, he fused with Doge to form the legendary Super Doge Sanic, who was powerful enough to defeat Ultimate Weegee.

He has used this form many other times related to Sanic as well. In the YTP War, when Jr. Shrek's Ogre Beam veered toward Weegee, he turned Ultimate for a split second to deflect the blast. He and his brother Ultimate Malleo also combated Hyper Sanic in the 2069 MLGlympic Gayms and beat him. Weegee also used the form to combat Super Doge and used it AGAIN when battling Super Doge Sanic.

Ultimate fire weegee


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