Ultimate Waweegee

Ultimate Waweegee is the most powerful version of Waweegee. This is when Waweegee absorbs his Waweegee Death Stare into his eyes, similar to all other Ultimate forms, and transcends into a whole other being. If you look into his eyes, it will stimulate the effects of the Waweegee Death Stare and turn you into a pile of money. All of Waweegee's other stupid abilities also increase in power, giving him near-unlimited strength and speed. However, Ultimate Waweegee has only mediocre durability, so he can easily be defeated by other Ultimate forms like his rival, Ultimate Weegee.

Powers And Abilities Edit

Ultimate Super-Super-Super-Super-Super-Skinniness: Because of how skinny Ultimate Waweegee is, he can dodge attacks a LOT better than regular people and can even dodge multiple consecutive attacks effortlessly.

Ultra-Lasers: Ultimate Waweegee can fire planet-destroying lasers out of both his eyes and mouth to attack you.

Mustache Bash: A new ability that Waweegee gains when he turns Ultimate. He can now throw gigantic mustaches at his victim that follow them around wherever they go. If you get hit by one of these mustaches, the impact will send you flying into the sky.

Ultimate Headbutt: Ultimate Waweegee charges at the opponent to unleash a devastating headbutt. This headbutt does massive damage if the opponent is unguarded.

Ultimate Money Ball: Ultimate Waweegee holds up his finger, creating a gigantic money ball that he throws at you. If it hits you, the ball will explode, and money will fly around everywhere that Waweegee can absorb to gain some health back.

Creepy Grin: Ultimate Waweegee grins at you creepily, causing you to become paralyzed with fright for 15 seconds. This does not work if Waweegee is facing another Ultimate form in battle.

Golden Bill: Ultimate Waweegee creates a gigantic golden dollar bill which he can use to heal the health of himself or another ally. Once used, it cannot be used again.

Ultimate Money Blast: Ultimate Waweegee holds out his hands and fires a barrage of money at the opponent. If hit, health will be drained from the opponent and get absorbed by Waweegee, causing him to gain health back.

Ultimate Waweegee Death Stare: An upgraded version of Waweegee's Death Stare, Ultimate Waweegee fires a gigantic purple laser from his eyes that could destroy an entire galaxy. Money also flies around simultaneously, threatening to hit the opponent and drain health away. This attack lasts until all of Waweegee's energy has been drained away.

Trivia Edit

Ultimate Waweegee was voted both Least Favorite Ultimate form and Least Well-Known Ultimate form by the National Pingas Association. This is due to Ultimate Waweegee barely ever using the form (and the fact that Waweegee has a very ugly face.)

This form is the only form of Waweegee who uses attacks involving money.

His money attacks are the result of Waweegee's sheer obsession with money.

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