Huah-hah! Here's the problem...too many toasters! You know what they say, all toasters...toast toast! 

I hope she made lotsa spaghetti by ultimategengar-d9ht2ej

~Hotel Mario

Toasters Are For Making Toast! is a short 10-episode humor/internet comedy Mario/Sanic cartoon series by NOT-SEGA. It's about a handful of characters visiting Link's Castle for a week and solving the problem with the king having too many toasters!

Characters Edit



  • Shadow Freddy:
  • Link:
  • Meta Knight: Supervises Kirby and catches him in acts of mischief. Yes, Mety's his uncle.
  • Galacta Knight: Meta's friend who stays by him all the time. "Sorry, I can't eat gluten!"
  • The King!: Obnixious and a very wise fuckwit. The king is more of a straw troll than ruler, eh?
  • Snoop Dogg:
  • Mario/Malleo:
  • Poppy Bro:
  • Kirby and Shadow Kirby: A little whiny, but excited to help out the king every day.
  • Fumu and Bun: Kirby's 'parents' (they're kids) who supervise him in the castle. Fumu is very obedient and calm (though she can get rather rowdy), ready to listen to the king for whatever he demands.
  • Ten Waddle Dees:
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