Super shedew

Super Shedew's Doge form.

Super Shedew is a powered up version of Shedew Edgehog achieved using the power of the Chaos Doritos similar to Super Sanic. In this form, his edginess skyrockets to astounding levels, giving him abilities such as near-invulnerability, the power to fly, the power to shoot golden edgy blasts at his opponents, and speed fest enough to go millions of times above the speed of light. His rival and clone is Super Sanic.

Appearance Edit

Due to being a clone of Sanic Hegehog, Shedew can access the same transformations his clone can, including a Super form from collecting all 7 Chaos Doritos. In this state, Shedew's fur becomes golden, in exception to his very upper and very lower fur, which become red. Pictures of Super Shedew when not in Doge form do not exist because he is so edgy that a picture of him cannot be taken. This description relies solely on eyewitness descriptions and Doge Shedew pictures, which for some reason can be taken.

Powers And Abilities Edit

Super Shedew, of course, is absurdly powerful just like Super Sanic. He has all of the abilities of Super Sanic except a WHOLE LOT EDGIER because this is Shedew, after all. Super Shedew is approximately 420x edgier than regular Shedew, giving him enough edginess to rival Dark Sanic in strength and take on beings such as Fire Weegee in combat. He is very FEST, rivaling Super Sanic in speed and able to travel multiple times the speed of light easily. He is also near-invulnerable to most forms of attacks, though mental attacks can still hurt him, and can fire edgy lasers using his hands. All in all, Super Shedew is SUPER-EDGY.

Stupor Smesh Brers Edit

Super Shedew appears as a playable character in Stupor Smesh Brers. He has all of the powers of regular Shedew, but given a massive upgrade. He is also near-invulnerable and has the power of flight. When using his Final Smesh, he can transform into Hyper Shedew to gain an even greater and edgier upgrade. This is Hyper Shedew's only appearance in the game.

Trivia Edit

Unlike Super Sanic, Super Shedew's red hair remains red when the transformation is complete, while all of Sanic's hair becomes golden.

Super Shedew is the only Shedew form that changes the same color as Sanic's corresponding form, as Hyper Shedew and Dark Shedew both use different shades of color.

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