Sulver is the rival of Sawneek teh hegehog in Sawneek New Game' and the partner of Blaise. He likes to hang out with Sanic partly because he has doritos and Mountain Dew at his house. Sometimes they would go out to town and see who was fester. Sanic always won and this made Sulver mad. See, he isn't a patient meme-hog. He always loses his temper over the littlest things which is why Sanic doesn't do much with him and never gets mentioned because he always has to stop him before his temper goes over 9000, which annoys Sanic and makes him want to stay away from him, which is why he doesn't really like Sulver. He can do anything silver the hedgehog can do but he is more clumsier and gets triggered more, which can get him into deep trouble if our favourite meme-hog isn't around.

He is too slow and that is his main weakness which Sanic uses to his advantage whenever Sulver goes on his usual rage raid. He is pretty much a rage monster even though he looks like a derpy sanic with grey on him.

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