SquidWordier is a bigger, badder Squidward, and is thought to be the most powerful form of Sqeegee, though he isn't really a Sqeegee at all. This form is achieved once Omnipotent Sqeegee absorbs Dark Angel Weegee. Because of the power of Weegee and Malleo that come from Dark Angel Weegee, along with the nearly unstoppable power of Omnipotent Sqeegee, SquidWordier's power is too high to even get hurt. Sanic's dankspine form may have the only power that can even match him. SquidWordier has the power to change reality. He can control and distort already existing things, and has the ability to create anything he wants from nothing. He is shown to be completely invincible, as when he was fighting Laneegee, Falcon Hauk and SpongeBob, their attacks bounced off with even greater force than was put into them.

Sanic was not in this fight but it is an enemy of weegee and a bad fakegee. Shaggy, dankspine Sanic, Shrek and gaben ( along with other scrubby scrub forms made from scrubs ) may only have the power to match such power. Weegee and his friends fight him in his head and outside. He was however defeated in the end when Malleo uses his fire flower to kill squeegee (Squidwordier's bad side), making Squidwordier weak, Hauk using his trump card and freeing everyone and turning squidwordier back to squidword and squeegee getting killed. Watch rise of squeegee 8 to see the events unfold...

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