Snoop Dogg is a guy who is found in Sanic Ball when you play with Super Sanic.He dance and dance.He is now a part of MLG with Shrek and Sanic. He smokes weed everyday.

Snoop Dogg's most favorite cake with a side of swag.

The Ballad of his Swag Edit

~"Smoke weed everyday!"~Snoop Dogg

Originally, Snoop Dogg was a businessman, totally dissatisfied with his life and job. So one sunny day, he quit his job and moved to the MLG Headquarters in New York City to live with Knackles and the tunnel snakes.

~"We are the tunnel snakes; tunnel snakes RULE!"~ the tunnel snakes

There at MLG, Snoop met (and quickly befriended) Mr. Loomynarty and ate some chocolate chip cookie cake.


Snoop Dogg's frames in the MLG hud in Sanicball.

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