Shadow Kirby is the main character of kubby and the amazing waffle. he is best friends with metal sanic, Marx, and kubby. he is a black smiley face with arms and legs, but no hands and feet. in kubby and the amazing waffle, he ate the chaos Doritos and became super doge waffle Doritos mlg shadow kirby, then rekt mlg waffle and saved the world. he is a kind loving person to his friends, but he eats his enemies and sends them to the shadow realm, to be sentenced to death. (see yu-gi-oh, it is the most beautiful thing on friggen earth)

transformationz Edit

super doge waffle Doritos mlg kirby, he does this when he eats the chaos Doritos

hype sanic doge waffle Doritos mlg shedew kirby, he becomes this when he eats the chaos Doritos, sanic, shedew, the master dorito, and smokes weed. he, in tis form, can rek aggmen, robuttnik, and weegee (porr weegee) and destroy teh bibl which is just fanfiction off the torah(jewish holy book)