Sanic Onlusshed is a game made by SAYGUH and nin10doh.

Da gaem Edit

You play as sanic during duhtime levels and werehawg during noightime levels. Also dr aggmen steals your chaos doritos and gets away with it. You go fast in duhtime and you get strong in noighttime levels. O yeah, u also can collect Dew and Dorito Chips to improve Sanic and Werehawg's stats and learn new moves. by the way sanic win goku

Da story Edit

Sanic went fast through aggmen's ship but he got rekt from the egg himself when he steals all the chaos doritos and some weed. Aggmen calls Sawneek to quickscope Sanic to earth, so this happened, and Sanic got quickscoped down to earth where he turns into a werehawg and thus the mlg journey begins.

Boss Fights Edit

Duh Edit

  • Sawneek

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time sanic got rekt hard by a talking egg
  • This has alot of more bosses unlike Sonic Unleashed
  • Chip is replaced with Charlotte from Making Fiends
  • Somehow Sonic appears as an enemy
  • Dork Guio is the main character of Dork Diaries's face photoshopped onto it
  • Alot of enemies in Duhtime levels are Hatsune Miku, Puyo Puyo, and Disney, while Noighttime levels are Making Fiends, Trolls, and Nickelodeon
  • Sawneek quickscopes you to earth somehow
  • Amy is replaced with Vendetta
Sanic hegehog by ry spirit-d8np3a5

Congrats! You found the first easter egg! Only four more to go (Others can edit, this is only the first time i will make an easter egg)

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