The Sanic Wiki has rules, and you must follow them to make sure your not banned (like a noscope). Each rule is seperated into categories.



These rules are related to everything.

  • No advertising other wikis or chats unless told to by an admin.
  • No flaming or arguing with other users, the starter of the arguement will be told off and the combatants will be told off aswell.
  • No asking for permissions unless you really think you deserve it. This won't really get you blocked, but if done over and over again, you will get a consequence.
  • No inappropriate content, like porn or cursing insults. However, you are allowed to swear, but not too much.

Page Creation/Editing

These rules are related when editing or creating a page.

  • No useless pages or vandalism. Meaning you can't make edits to pages that contain:
    • Useless infomation (sanic goes faaaast).
    • Repeated links.
    • Completely removing the existing page.
    • Poorly written pages. Yes, I know it's a Sanic wiki but we give infomation.
  • When creating a page, make sure it's about a character, and something offical (unless considered fanon). Pages like "IDEAS FOR ___" or "I HATE ___" should be made as a blog or forum post.
  • No useless images or duplicate images. We reccommend you only use pictures that relate to the subject of the page.
  • No unnecessary pages.
  • When creating a Fanon page, make sure it's accompanied by a Fanon Template.

Chat + Message Walls

These rules are related to anything in the chat or message walls.

  • No spamming, you will be blocked.
  • Don't post useless messages that doesn't have a meaning behind it.

Staff Rules

Rules for staff only.

  • Do not disobey the Warning System.
  • Do not ban others for no reason.
  • Make sure everyone is obeying the rules, even your fellow admins and moderators.

Warning System

The Warning System is a way of knowing what to do when someone is breaking the rules.


  1. Give a warning if someone is doing something wrong. If the action is major however, skip to Stage Three.
  2. Kick from chat if someone is doing something wrong in chat. If the action isn't in chat however, skip to Stage Three.
  3. Block for a short amount of time, like one day or one week.
  4. If that person still hasn't learned their lesson, give them a long block, for one month or a fortnight. (two weeks)
  5. If that person still hasn't learned their lesson after the long block, block them for a year.
  6. The last block would be forever.

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