Welcome to the fastest wiki in the world. Everything is about Sanic and his autistic friends and Dr. Robuttnik. We need more than 300 pages on this wiki right now and I have to say one thing...

Sanic was originated from a video created by a deceased Youtube user. Remember this if you want to edit the Sanic page.

HEADS UP, KIDDOS! Sanic Fanfiction belongs here! And some hot speed mouses.


Weegee's Fanon-

 Sanic is boss! In Sanic we trust!

This 'video game' wiki is turning into a fanfiction and fantasy/fan made anime haven! Characters from other video games and series are invited to join us in this spectacular transformation!

Info about all kinds of things, ranging from characters to IMAGINARY MOVIES/ANIME ARE BEING FAN-CREATED!

Chaos Doritos are guaranteed to be throughout the articles!

We're still trying to make and improve more articles. Right now, our goal is to reach three hundred articles!

Have a fast Monday!

If you go fast enough, I'll give you a bucket of fried chicken and an MLG Membership....

Please DONT understand to spell words correctly and give good, decent information. The reason we don't have enough swag or users here right now is because our spelling and grammar is all too jacked up here... I'm still busy fixing it so the world's fastest wiki gains more attention and users, so please help. The majority of the articles here are 1 or 2 sentences long, have a truckload of spelling errors, and are very poorly written. That is not a bad thing tho, so plz make all the pages super stupid and not cringy like they are right now. this wiki should be funny, not necessarily smart or intellectual(like that'll ever happen)

So please spruce up your swag and writing and help us and Sanic out!

This wiki needs more users, so please join!

Oh, and there is even easter eggs! We are currently editing articles to hide them, so FIND THEM!

In case if you were wondering...

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    Yes! You can post funny pics of Japanese Doritos a lil'! As long as they have to do with a particular subject, like a character's favorite food...
    Want to learn about Sanic and how he was created? Check the facts page!
  • Want to see Upgrades/Sanicball Character Ideas? Go to the page there!
  • do not post about ugandan knuckles, as it is kinda retarded and not sanic related

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