The lame demon hegehog in all his stupid glory.


Sanic.EXE is a demon from the gates of MLG Hell who's physical form is a bloody ####### glowing eyes SUPER-cliche version of our favorite hegehog, Sanic. Sanic.EXE is not MLG: In fact, he's a friendless scrub who's never drinked Mountain Dew. Jealous of Sanic's awesome life, he tried to haunt Sanic and proved more powerful than him, but the Sanic Family {Sanic, Taels, Knackles and Shadew} teamed up to unleash the Sanic Family to Quickscope that obliterated Sanic.EXE. He has returned to be a general nusiance to anyone he haunts.


  • Super Strength
  • Super Speed++
  • Teleportation (Mind Teleport)
  • Blood Inducement (Gore Love)
  • Mind Manipulation (Black Outs)
  • Red Laser Stare (You become an exe)
  • Copy Scan
  • Super Glitch
  • I AM GOD (This will glitch the game killing everyone)
  • Super Shoes
  • Super Gloves
  • Charge
  • Creepiest Stare (This will induce you with pain and Make you suffer)
  • Fog
  • Stealth
  • Skilled Fighter
  • Sharp Hands
  • Skilled Swordsmen
  • Skilled Killer
  • High Jumps
  • Fear Inducement
  • Super Charge
  • Super Knife
  • Duo Knifes
  • Exe Laser
  • Anti Mountain Dew
  • Anti Weed
  • Game Breaking
  • Reality Warping
  • Master Trolling


Sanic.EXE first appeared in an absolutely horrible trollpasta, so bad that the author doesn't have a speck of MLGness inside of him and should feel really bad about the story he wrote. In the story, he gets a hacked game with Sanic.EXE in it and theres hyper-realistic BLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDDDDDDDDDDDD and weird shit happened. That's basically all I can tell you. Regardless of absolutely abominable trollpastas, Sanic.EXE's concept proved awesome and inspired a fan-made Sanic.EXE video game, which sadly sucked too. His fan-made pictures are still awesome though.


Doge Sanic.EXE Actually doesn't look too bad.

In The Second MLG/YTP Total War, Sanic.EXE returned and used his powers to turn Weegee into a Creepypasta version of himself. He was defeated by Malleo when the Pesky Plumber turned to Super Malleo and knocked him off a cliff. Sanic.EXE wasn't done yet though, and resurfaced when he abducted Taels and made a doll of Taels called {total MLG spoiler alert here} Taels Doll. WOW, AM I RIGHT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Taels defeated the EEVUL doll, and Sanic defeated Sanic.EXE.

SANIC.EXE - I AM GAWD -Sonic.exe Parody-

A video of some guy playing Sanic.EXE's game.

Sanic.EXE is a proud member of the National I Suck Society.

Sanic.EXE once travelled to the Creepypasta Universe, where he encountered Sonic.EXE. He was defeated when Jeff the Killer and BRVR teamed up to electrocute him to death.

Sanic.EXE has since been resurrected by Taels Doll, and he continues to suck like crap.

Sanic.EXE once forced Doge to fuse with him, creating Doge Sanic.EXE. He was beaten by an odd team-up of Doge's enemy Cate, Sanic, and Shadew.

Sanic.EXE FormsEdit

Sanic.EXE also has his own Super form from collecting the 7 Dark Super-Super-Super-Super-Super-Edgy Chaos Doritos. Just...yellow more powerful Sanic.EXE.

Sanic.EXE, theoretically, also has Sanic's Hyper and Dankspine forms as well, but this has not yet been proven.

sanic.exe is 90000 times more stronger faster and more powerful than sonic.exe who weaker and slower than sonic

sonic sanic shadow and shadew has to teamed up to them out


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