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SPIKYHAIRDUDE1012 super smash bros is Game created by mr. spike.iT INCLUDES KIRBY AND OTHER MLG CHARACTERS. The game is in 3-D, wifi-updated by the creators, and DAMN AWESOME!!!!!

Playable characters Edit

Name Image First appearence Last appearence Descripton Moveset
Kirby/ shadow kirby The pink hero we all know and love, 20 years old and very childish, and loves food for he is a foodie Shadow version with insanely strong copied ability, mirrors the FA kirby with his copied ability Inhales opponent or objects and copies its ability. He can become all kinds of awesome things, like Sword Kirby (when he inhales Meta Knight) or Beam Kirby (when he inhales Marx)!
Magolor/ Magolor Soul Likes to copy abilities of others (kirby taught him how to do it) Magolor's favorite ability is Beam Magolor! Hand me the master crown! Hideously amazing attacks involving the sad shell he's trapped inside for domination of our universe... Inhales opponent or objects and copies its ability. Mag's greatest ability is Paint Roller.
Marx/ Marx Soul The famous little boy who acts and wears clothes like a jester. He likes using ball, punch and kick as weapons Release the madness! In his beautifully traumitazing Demon Beast Soul Form, he does swift and graceful attacks with his Crystal Wings
Jibanyan Chan Can do his "Paws of Fury" more damn well than any yokai in the universe. Brimming with spirit and loyalty, Jibanyan has mastered the art of battle. Loves chocolate bars, 1 choice tuna and perfecting the art of surviving being hit by a car (he's a spirit) Loyal friend of Whisper
Whisper the Yokai Can give you a blow of the "Holy Fists of Fury"! He learned it from Jibanyan in training. The holy butler of yokai knowledge and Adam's well-seasoned servant.
Drawcia and Paintcia
Mike the Sailor Dee Uses his spear to fight the opponent. Can do some real badass blows with punching and kicking!
Komasan the Cat Yokai
Komajiro the Cat Yokai
Miku Hatsune
Meta Knight
Galacta Knight
King Dedede

Plot Edit

Stages Edit

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