Robuttnik Nega

Robuttnik Nega is the future relative of Dr. Robuttnik. He is related to Aggmen Nega.

The Legacy of his Powerful Butt! Edit

Like Dr. Robuttnik, Robuttnik Nega's bottom is also highly talented at squishing naughty castle servants... and hedgehogs, if Sanic dare try to fight him. Robuttnik Nega's butt (and himself) is as wide as a Nissan car.

When he fought Sulver at Cake Zone on a cold July, Sulver was defeated and Robuttnik Nega was rewarded his gloriously huge butt by the Loomynarty at a 1-dollar store, as to give Robuttnik Nega the ability to squish critics on Dr. Oz's TV show.

How His Butt Became So Powerful Edit

Simple. Robuttnik Nega visited Dollar Tree near his lair and brought a yellow power capsule. When you rub it with your hands, it gives you SUPER SQUISH POWER!

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