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Noscoper Sanic: He can no-scope, and he's Sanic!

Noscoper Sanic is a form that Sanic Hegehog unlocks when he absorbs energy from a noscoper like Doge or Knackles. This form is perfect for no-scoping opponents to death, as it goes very fast and best of all comes with Sanic's very own noscopers' gun.

Powers And Abilities Edit

*Special Jump: Sanic uses this to jump on his opponent's head over and over again without giving him a break. That's VERY mean.

*Noscopers' Speed Dash: Sanic dashes behind his opponent without making a sound, then either kicks them or whacks them in the head with his noscopers' gun.

  • *Shuffling Shoop: Named by Taels, this is when Sanic quickly slides with his fast legs. It's great for avoiding attacks.
  • *Super-Shade Block: Sanic summons some dank MLG shades, then takes them off and uses them to block attacks with their dankness. These shades can block any attack and can not be destroyed.

*Ultimate MLG Noscope: it can Shoot at high levels at the speed of any target.


Sanic uses this form whenever he needs a powerful no-scoping machine, which is exactly what Noscoper Sanic is. As such, he has used it many times, from battling Weegee to taking on Spoderman. Noscoper Sanic also has a HUGE rivalry with No-Scope Mario about who is the best noscoper, a topic that divides many MLG fans. World-famous director Sack Znyder even made a movie about it: Noscoper Sanic v No-Scope Mario: Dawn of MLG. Sadly, it flopped in the box office.

Noscoper Sanic's last known appearance, thus far, was when he used the form to no-scope Fireeza. He fought a good battle, but in the end, he was taken down by the overlord.

Trivia Edit

  • Noscoper Sanic's legs are so strong that he once ran around the world 420 times without taking a break.
  • Sanic and Noscoper Sanic are technically two different people, as Sanic can never remember anything that Noscoper Sanic does.
  • One significant difference between Noscoper Sanic and base form Sanic is that Noscoper Sanic is madly in love with Ame Roes.
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