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Noscoper Sanic: He can no-scope, and he's Sanic!

Noscoper Sanic is a form that Sanic Hegehog unlocks when he absorbs energy from a noscoper like Doge or Knackles. This form is perfect for no-scoping opponents to death, as it goes very fast and best of all comes with Sanic's very own noscopers' gun.

Powers And Abilities Edit

Sanic's no-scoping powers rise up to the very maximum in strength while his quick-scoping powers drop down to the very minimum. Sanic also shoots up in height, allowing him to run even FESTER than he usually does. But the best part of all is his noscopers' gun. Sanic's gun is specially designed for a fast hegehog, which is exactly what Sanic is. Combined with all of Sanic's regular powers, Noscoper Sanic should not be taken lightly.

This form also comes with many new powers. Here's a list:

*Special Jump: Sanic uses this to jump on his opponent's head over and over again without giving him a break. That's VERY mean.

*Noscopers' Speed Dash: Sanic dashes behind his opponent without making a sound, then either kicks them or whacks them in the head with his noscopers' gun.

*Shuffling Shoop: Named by Taels, this is when Sanic quickly slides with his fast legs. It's great for avoiding attacks.

*Super-Shade Block: Sanic summons some dank MLG shades, then takes them off and uses them to block attacks with their dankness. These shades can block any attack and can not be destroyed.

*Ultimate MLG Noscope: Sanic takes out his noscopers' gun, and no-scopes his opponent 420 times all in a row. However, if he does this, he will be drained of his energy and revert back to base form Sanic.


Sanic uses this form whenever he needs a powerful no-scoping machine, which is exactly what Noscoper Sanic is. As such, he has used it many times, from battling Weegee to taking on Spoderman. Noscoper Sanic also has a HUGE rivalry with No-Scope Mario about who is the best noscoper, a topic that divides many MLG fans. World-famous director Sack Znyder even made a movie about it: Noscoper Sanic v No-Scope Mario: Dawn of MLG. Sadly, it flopped in the box office.

Noscoper Sanic's last known appearance, thus far, was when he used the form to no-scope Fireeza. He fought a good battle, but in the end, he was taken down by the overlord.

Trivia Edit

  • Noscoper Sanic's legs are so strong that he once ran around the world 420 times without taking a break.
  • Sanic and Noscoper Sanic are technically two different people, as Sanic can never remember anything that Noscoper Sanic does.
  • One significant difference between Noscoper Sanic and base form Sanic is that Noscoper Sanic is madly in love with Ame Roes.
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