Malleo wont change in this specific form.. but they will be given demon and nightmare like powers.. And is an a enemy to Sanic.exe and Sawneek.EXE not much is known about this god.. other from his powers..

  • Nightmare Death Stare: The strongest attack in the MemeVerse
  • Jumpscare: This will enlighten you in fear and make you suffer
  • Trolling: Malleo will try and make you insane until you die..
  • Nightmare clones: an army of demon like malleos come to kill all mlg..
  • Teleporting: Stronger Then Saneeks teleporting..
  • NightScare:This can kill godly beings

And etc. To unlock this form you need to eat Cool Cookies


SANIC.EXE - I AM GAWD -Sonic.exe Parody-

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