"Boin, we are keeping that lass, or ill send you to the evil corner"

Creation Date Unknown
Physical attributes
Colour Orange and Brown
Abilities Water Powers, Cuteness, Somehow has a connection with Fung, when either feels threatened the other feels worried.
Aliases Tanuki, Rackun.
Game Appearances Sanic Rash Ventures
TV Show Appearances Unknown

"Oh Fung, so kawaii, Killing People, saving People, both at the same time"

Fung wants Mureen, Mureen wants Fung, but Boin is stopping that, by wanting Creme instead.

Mureen is a fluffy racoon, that is not a tanooki because she cannot fly, she tried to become president, but Victer won the election, because Victar was a good Democrat. Mureen is an almost fearless little girl, however she does not like the idea of invertebrates, she is relatively chilled out, but can become absolutely hyper, she at times does not know when, and when not to do something, accidentally burning parts of Erspio's tail, luckily Erspio is always calm, but was still angry.

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