Metal Sanic is the robotic counterpart to Sanic teh hegehog made by Dr. Robutnik. It can do anything Sanic can do, but more, like shooting money from the sky and plays the electric guitar at a local black metal band. Yet somehow it defies all logic by being inferior despite beings literally better (and louder!) in every way. Metal Sanic claims to be best buddies with highly infamous Spoderman and Juses Crust the Lerd. Despite this, Metal Sanic is a member of the I Suck Society.

Childish Pizza Hut Employee! Edit

During his early college years, Metal Sanic was an annoyingly abhorrent and childish employee working with Spoderman at a Texas Pizza Hut, and invented the now extremely popular futuristic Kit-Kat and Pigs-in-a-Blanket Pizza. However, his idea did not 'bake' out so well back then; over a hundred Pizza Hut customers ON THE SAME DAY complained that the Kit-Kat pizza tasted like chocolate diarrhea, and the Pigs-in-a-Blanket pizza was too messy and gooey to pick up with the bare hands.

Metal Sanic has an abnormally rich intelligence quotient above 400, and is a master of baking pizza and shooting money from the sky, like we mentioned earlier! Despite his amazing pizzeria talent, Metal Sanic's real favorite food is Shrimp Mayonnaise Doritos with a side of Coke.

Metal Sanic's three secret best friends... Edit

We all know that Metal Sanic is friends with Spoderman and Juses Crust the Lerd. However, only Dr. Robuttnik is aware of the fact that Metal Sanic's true best friends are shadow kirby (, Magolor and Marx. Metal Sanic lives with Magolor in his Lor Starcutter, working as a chef making Italian food and shipping it to earth via Amazon (and the loving help and shipping payments made by Dr. Robuttnik).

Every Friday night, Metal Sanic opens up his red laptop, goes on his Amazon account and feels overjoyed by all the positive and upbeat reviews humans have to say about his tasty products. During Christmas day on 2016, Magolor was so pleased by the nostalgic scent of pizza and spaghetti, he and Marx told Dr. Robuttnik their true Christmas wish: to start a bestselling line of Italian-food scented candles, with pretty colors like red and pink, to be sold on earth.


Some people say Shrimp Mayo Doritos make Metal Sanic feel sentimental.

Metal Sanic's role in MLG... Edit

Metal Sanic has been accused of trolling Starcraft players sometimes.


    Sanic's reaction to Metal Sanic's black metal band "AWWW YEEAAAH BABY!!!"

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