matel sanic iz uh matel verzion ov sanic

heeh iz teh rvl uv Sanic Hegehog en Sanic Seedee. Not 2 bee confuse'd wit Metal Sanic, whu waz mad bi Dr. Robuttnik. This 1 waz maed bi Dr. Aggmen.He frst apeard in Sanic Seedee


He might know everything that Sanic is going to do but that wont help him because Sanic knows everthing that matel sanic is going to do.. Strange isnt it eh?

Sanic Seedee:

Matels first apeered in this gam in Collison Chaos hodgeheg-nabbing Rowsee tha raskal and broke throuh a path that wuz blockeded by sum spykes. He ten wuz seen in StarSomke Fastway Zone bed futer as uh bose. u race Matel throug a cours with sum spykes, rangs and lewps whale avodin Aggmenz dedly lazer that wil quickscope u if ur 2 slow. If u win Matel Sanic gets zipped by tha lazir and Aggmen flyies off annoyd then u can save Rowsee frum being ted on a polle.

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