Males Power, or commonly known as Teils, is Sanic's best friend and partner. He's not as fast as penis but still keeps up. he also considers sanic to notice him like a senpai.

Tael's favorite pet is Loafer the Living Bread as he is good at scaring the shit out of little kids when he talks about fundamentalist christian 'stuff'.

Males Power
That's him!
Creation Date Unknown
Physical attributes
Colour Orange and White
Abilities Flight
Aliases None
Game Appearances Sanic Ball Top Chef: The Game
TV Show Appearances Top Chef France

Of course, Taels' favorite food is lecho with black beans and tacos with beef, verde sauce, beans and lettuce.

Tael's favorite getaway country would be Spain and Portugal, for he could watch flamenco dancers dance and eat some old-fashioned paella.

While tails only has a IQ of 300, Males has a IQ of 420.




Sanic BoomEdit

The most known appearance of Teils is in Sawneek Boom. He appears as the third character in the game and one of the first to be introduced. He has no special properties. He also appears yellow, instead of his traditional orange colour. Explosions Kaboom.

Sunky the game 3 Edit

Males Power's favorite song is "Toot, toot, Tails fly"


I can fly in the skies!

I can fly in the skies!

Toot, toot, Tails fly,

Let's fly in the plane!

I'm Males Power!

I can fly in the skies!

I can fly in the skies!

Gotta keep going!

Toot, Tails is flying!

I can fly in the skies!

I can fly in the skies!

And I flew!

Come on!


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