Lil Sanic is a kid version of Sanic from an alternate dimension. He is so fast, he can actually go even faster than Sanic himself. He is called "Gotta Go Fast" by Sanic and other people too.


Lil Sanic was discovered by Sanic when Dr. Robuttinik accidently opened up a portal to another universe. This universe was Lil Sanic's universe, and it was here that the two Sanics met. The two teamed up when Robuttinik opened up another portal {boy, he does that a lot.} and used the energy that came out to create Evil Rainbow Sanic. Evil Rainbow Sanic went even faster than Super Sanic and enjoyed 420 No-Scoping Call of Duty scrubs more than anything. But, teamed up together, Sanic and Lil Sanic defeated Evil Rainbow Sanic and saved the world from being No-Scoped by Evil Rainbow Sanic, and Lil Sanic decided to stay with Sanic.


Lil Sanic appeared in a game called Sanic Generashunz with a similar plot to the story of both Sanic's meeting. In Sanic Generashunz Sanic & Lil Sanic team up with Teils & Lil Teils and go through places and bosses from their past to restore them and the rest of their kidnapped friends. They ultimately find Aggmen and Dr.Roebuttnik teamed up while gaining control of a very powerful monster called the Tim Eatir which caused the previous events. All hope and memes seem lost when both Sanics get rekt by the monster but, with the power of the Chaos Doritos they regain their fast and turn super to ultimately return the shreking they got back to both Dr's and the monster and they save the day once again.

Lil Sanic currently hangs out at his homebase and occasionaly reappears to make a crappy video game with Sanic.

There is also a Super version of Lil Sanic. In this form, he turns yellow and gains the ability to fly. He can also shoot lasers from his butt in this state. Super Lil Sanic is 50x more powerful than regular Lil Sanic. He was forced to use this form to fight Doge Sanic and beat him.

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