Hyper Sanic

Hyper Sanic is an upgraded version of Super Sanic, created when Sanic teh hegehog absorbs all of the energy from both the Mester Dorito and the Chaos doritos. As the energy flows through his body, Sanic will burst with power, and change into this form. He starts out pure-white, but when powered up, his fur begins flashing all the colors of the rainbow, similar to Insane Rage Shedew. If Shedew Hegehog or Knackles Enchilada absorb the power of the 8 mystic Doritos as well, they too can unlock Hyper forms. Hyper Taels can be created if Hyper Sanic gives Taels some of his energy. Hyper Sanic has an insane amount of power and energy and may well be the strongest Sanic form, if not one of the strongest.

Hyper sanic is also nortorious for being one of the many Gods of the internet(others include shreck,ronnald mcdonald and the spirit of crap jojo memes to name a few) with this power he is nigh unbeatable in any battle and will cause all users of my space and other archaic versions of IG to simply ow beffor his pressence in chat see once one nutcase posts a picture of super snaic it simpkey evolves to hyper sanic and take over the message platfoem in witch posted and wages war bettween weebos of the web and trolls of the dark gloomy enviroment of there moms basement all in all he is simply the stonges being out there

he also the 10th successor of ONE FOR ALL

Powers And Abilities Edit

  • Hyper Speed
  • Hyper Strength
  • Flight
  • Teleportation
  • Mountain Dew Lasers
  • Hyper Charge
  • 420 Dash
  • Skilled Runner
  • 69 Hearts
  • Durability+
  • Hydro Flight (Water Wings)
  • Pyro Flight (Fire Wings)
  • Super Punch
  • Steppin
  • Skilled Herod (17 Years of experience)
  • Hyper Shield (Survived a weegee death stare
  • Telekiness
  • Pyrokiness
  • Hydro
  • Mountain Dew Punch
  • Unlimited Supply Of Weed
  • Unlimited Supply of Mountain dew
  • Bad English
  • Light Manipulation
  • Night And Day Powers
  • Infinite Stamina
  • Dark Manipulation
  • Hyper Stare (One Shot)
  • Hyper Speed Shoes
  • Dank Inducement
  • Super Strength
  • Fucking
  • Hyper Strength

Usage In Battle Edit

Hyper Sanic speed is one billion x faster than light. When Dr. Robuttnik and Dr. Aggmen fused together Metal Sanic, Matel Sanic, and Matal Knackles all into one metally being they sent him after Sanic and friends, confident that Sanic was DE DED 4 REELS DIS TIME. It called itself MEATAL and blew up everything until Sanic changed into Super Sanic and blew up MEATAL. But then MEATAL activated its Danger form and blew up Super Sanic. Just then, Knackles showed up and gave Sanic the Mester Dorito to recharge his energy. Sanic did, but surprisingly, the energy of the Mester Dorito combined with the energy of the Chaos doritos already inside of Sanic and changed him into Hyper Sanic. Knackles gasped (but not chuckled) and said that this had been foretold in the prophecy. Hyper Sanic completely blew up MEATAL and saved the universe from being TURNED INTO METAL FOREVER!

A long time later, Sanic used the transformation to fight Shrek and was actually able to damage the ogrelord. However, Shrek caught Hyper Sanic in his swamp and unleashed his true potential, blowing up everything.

Hyper Sanic battled Godgee, the godly transformation of Weegee, but ultimately it took the transformation of Super Sanic God-an even more powerful form-to finish the job.

Hyper Sanic also battled Doge God when he was trying to turn the universe into Doge. Thankfully, Hyper Sanic kicked him into a super-mega-black hole, the only thing that could possibly kill him.

Gallery Edit


The legendary Hyper Sanic in all his MLG glory.

Hyper Sanic

The only reason Hyper Sanic is white is because fags can't make a gif. Oops! Press F to pay Respects to Shedew Hegehog, the person who added THE REAL Hyper Shedew

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