"Snoo pingas usual i see" - Robuttnick after working with Fung for the second time.

Feng snupr by sanik123alt-da5vpr
Creation Date Unknown
Physical attributes
Colour Purple
Abilities Uses Silver Magnum, Has defeated MLG Shrek using only one piece of fur from his tail
Aliases Nuke the Swagsel
Game Appearances Sanic le Foightas

Sanic Trouble Triple

Sanic Drafting Dous

TV Show Appearances Unknown

is one of Sanic's first rivals, he likes thieving, killing and other money related activities, although after Sanic le Foightas he seemed to have a more chilled out life, mainly hanging around with his best friends Boine and Burc. Fung has stated many times that he is starting to take a liking towards some of sanic's friends, but has an intense rivalry with Victer and Sanic himself.

He became good friends with Sawneek after the Weegeehog accidentally teleported himself right next to him. Together, Fung and Sawneek deleted as many trolls as they could before they were kicked out by Trollface himself.

Fung is a professional surfboarder, no scoping from the poor, and giving to the rich on his surfboard, which is actually lava proof. Fung is only 14.

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