Five nights at Shedew's is Horror MLG Pointandclick game.supabird with me making it.

Plot Edit

After Fredbear's Family Diner was Burned they build another one.And There appeared New and Old Animatronics

Animatronics Edit

Shedew Hegehog Edit

Main Animatronic in Game.He is Activate 2nd Nights.He is Black Poor Drawed Hedgehog.

Toy Fredbear Edit

Toy Fredbear is One of Animatronics.He activate 1nd night.He the most of activated.He is Look like Golden Freddy but with Green Cheeks and Toy Freddy TopHat.

Toy Chica Edit

Toy Chica is another animatronic but from FNaF2.She is Chicken with Pants and Cheeks.she appeared 1 night

Elsa Edit

Elsa is another animatronic.She is a Girl with a blue clothes.He attack at left door.She is one of activated animatronics.

Peridot(steven universe) Edit

Peridot is another female character.She's a Robot.She hack you systems of cameras.

Ready Red Edit

Ready red is red stickman with mout and eyes.He also Hack you but your Doors!.

Sanic hegehog Edit

Sanic is one of rival of shedew.He's activating night 4 as a halucination that crash game.

Homelles Dog Edit

Homelles dog is dog without House :(.He is sad hallucination in minigame called "MLG RUN!1!1!!!" at outside of pizzeria ;-;.

Lego Harry Potter Edit

Lego Harry Potter is Hallucination in Lego Room.He take role of Shadow Freddy but he make cameras not working all night.

Ame Roes Edit

Ame is sanic girlfirend.She is in Lover Sanic room.She attack you at halls.AT jumpscare you can see she eating nuggets.

Withered Fredbear Edit

Withered Fredbear is yellow bear with purple top hat and destroyed body.he is one of activating animatronics.

IronMan Edit

Ironman is One of antangonist and he activating in night 5.

SpoderMan Edit

Spoderman is Poor Drawed Version of spiderman.he is antangonist and he hack your cameras

Spiderman Edit

Spiderman is superhero and enemy in game.He hack your cameras if you don't wind up music box.

Rayman Edit

Rayman is a creature from series called "Rayman".He attack in hall.In jumpscare he grabing you and punching you

Weegee Edit

Weegee is a hacker animatronic too.He hack cameras for 456 seconds.he is meme.he appeared any stop him hacking cameras you gotta wind up Pickle Box becuz he liek to listen pickle music.

Pizza Steve Edit

Pizza steve is cool pizza and antangonist of the game.he appear in 3nd night.

Blue Peridot(steven universe) Edit

Blue peridot is DLC special character and recolor if peridot.he activate first night

Doge Edit

Doge is DLC not special character.That go to your office and attack you he activate every night at 4am.

Nightmare Foxy Edit

Nightmare Foxy is one of cameo.He is poster in PART AND SERVICE room.

Nights Edit

NIGHT 1 Edit

12AMNight 1 really easy but Toy Fredbear go to hallway all times.Toy Chica then go to your gotta put a mask after she go away.1AM Weegee try to hack you camera but you need to wind up pickle box to him not hack you camerasTBA

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