Evil Rainbow Sanic is an evil, extremely powerful version of Sanic created by Dr. Rubuttnik using strange rainbow energy from an alternate universe. Evil Rainbow Sanic is evil and wants to 420 No-Scope all Call of Duty scrubs, but he was stopped with the combined forces of Sanic and Lil Sanic.

Evil Rainbow Sanic actually goes far faster than Sanic himself. Even Super Sanic is not as fast as Evil Rainbow Sanic. Evil Rainbow Sanic also has super-powerful rainbow powers, so powerful that one blast nearly killed Sanic and knocked him out cold.

Evil Rainbow Sanic was created by Dr. Robuttnik, as stated before, and began a worldwide journey to No-Scope all Call of Duty scrubs. Along the way, he met Sanic, who he instantly hated with a passion. Sanic started to fight him, and Evil Rainbow Sanic hit him so hard it nearly knocked the dankness out of him. Sanic then turned to Super Sanic with the Chaos Doritos, but Evil Rainbow Sanic was still more powerful and faster and blasted Sanic with a rainbow blast that nearly killed Sanic. Luckily, Lil Sanic found him and took him to a hospital, where the dankness inside of him quickly healed him.

Sanic and Lil Sanic decided to storm Evil Rainbow Sanic's base, The Rainbow Lair. At The Rainbow Lair, Evil Rainbow Sanic attacked the two of them in a surprise attack. Both Sanics were shrekd by the evil Sanic duplicate, but they used the Chaos Doritos to transform into their Super forms and battled again. This time, Evil Rainbow Sanic was defeated just barely, and Shadew, who had been creepily watching the battle the whole time, sucked him up back to the dimension he came from. 

Evil Rainbow Sanic then returned and revealed he had discovered a Super version of himself. This time, instead of Sanic, it was wanabe Sawneek waiting for him. Sanic and Sawneek later teamed up to defeat Evil Rainbow Sanic a second time, who fled the scene, promising to return.

Evil Rainbow Sanic has resurfaced several times since then, becoming a recurrent foe in Sanic's life. He has even battled other characters such as Weegee and Malleo, Sonic.exe and Sawneek, and Doge Sanic. 

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