Dr. Robuttnik aka Sanic Dr. Robotnik

Dr. Robuttnik is the original Dr. Aggmen. The word "butt" in his name comes from his unforgivably ginormous, wide and heavy ass he'd squish naughty castle servants with.

He was the original arch enemy of Sanic teh hegehog. Until he was replaced by Dr. Aggmen. Eventually, the Robuttnik Army came to their senses, and gave Robuttnik his position back.

Ever since then, Dr. Aggmen, Metal Sanic, and others have fought for the Robuttnik army. His IQ is over 9000, as apposed to Dr. Robotnik's IQ of 300.

Favorite food: fried chicken, Chaos Doritos, ahnd pingas.

Favorite music: anything MLG and Snoop Dogg related, and loves black metal.

Dr. Robuttnik is yet another proud member of the I Suck Society, a group whose members are the only the very lamest, dumbest, most retarted people in the multiverse.

Dr. Robuttnik's Terrible Media Reputation Edit

~"IMA ROBOT BIRD THAT SHOOTS MONEY!!!"~ (quote stolen from Jetpack Joyride) when Dr. Robuttnik and Alex Jones were whining like little 3-year old brats live on InfoWars about North Korea and the Food Babe's faulty claims about airplane air containing 50% nitrogen. On the same day... ~"I've got the biggest and baddest butt in mankind's history! Look in the Genius World Records 2020 book and you WILL find me!"~ when he smacked Alex Jones the pseudo-scientific brat.

0125629 03 chicken-in-skillet s4x3.jpg.rend.sni12col.landscape

Ain't nothing like good ol' fried chicken!

Dr. Robuttnik has a slightly bad reputation for rumors on familiar conspiracy websites like InfoWars/Prison Planet claiming that he supports Pizza Hut and the Illuminati, alongside MLG sponsorships. Damn, Alex Jones really says the darnest things!

Proud supporter of: The Loomynarty (according to InfoWars) and Chris Hart. Greatly opposes Sanic and sponsors MLG Tournaments.

Inventions: Edit

  • Metal Sanic
  • Matal Knackles
  • Omehga
  • Death Agg
  • Fried fruity rainbow chicken
  • Chaos Doritos
  • Scrach
  • did NOT INVENT the loomynarty!!!
  • Doritos
  • Obama's birth certificate hoax (posted on WingNutDaily)
  • Pocky
  • Ramune (soda with a marble in it's cap)
  • Mr. Loominarty
  • Death Metal
  • Middle Finger gesture
  • Black Metal
  • Mountain Dew
  • The Annals of Mars
  • WingNutDaily
  • Daily Fail
  • Hate Mail
  • Scratch (the god-frickin' awful programming site)
  • Scratch Cat
  • Vodka (Marian likes it)
  • InfoWars (the terrible conspiracy site)

Contrary to popular belief, Dr. Robuttnik DID NOT invent the I Suck Society, Sawneek's special sneakers, the Mega-Chicken, KFC, the Big Black Bounty Hunter, the Isle of Mac 'N Cheese or ScrewAttack.

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