doritos sanic is sanics possibly most MLG form. as doritos sanic he can fly and use the powers of doritos. it is very simular to super sanic but is achived when sanic only gets one of the chaos doritos. it is one of sanics weaker forms but as doritos sanic he is merged with teh pure paua of  MLG!!!!!! if sanic drinks moutain dew in this form he also gains more MLG paua!!!!!!


doritos sanic gains some very MLG attacks and powersd as doritos sanic

cheezy powder sandstorm

when doritos sanic uses this attack he creates a horrible sandstorm of cheezy powder. this attack is very powerful against cheetos due to their being weak to cheeze.

sharp dorito launch

when doritos sanic uses this he hits enemys with a barrage of sharp doritos. this is one of sanics more powerful attacks

ultra  dorito launch 

this attack is like teh attack sharp dorito launch but has more paua. this attack can launch doritos but it launches more they are sharper and dipped in moutain dew. doritos sanic can only use this attack after drinking moutain dew in this form.


nobody knows anything about this attattack because its...MYSTERIOUS


if taels or knackles ate doritos sanic they themselfs would gain the power of the dorito.

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