Doge Sanic fusion.png

Doge Sanic, aka Doge Kabosu, is the fusion of Sanic and Doge. It is accomplished when Doge gives Sanic his Shinto Weed. The Shinto Weed fuses the two into one extremely powerful being. Doge Sanic can assume all the forms of Sanic and Doge, making him extraordinarily powerful.

Doge Sanic also gains many new abilities, such as the Dogemehogemeha, the Doge-Sanic Multi-Shinto, and the Ookazii Attack. Doge Sanic also possess the ability to transform into all of Sanic's forms without any Chaos Doritos or Mountain Dew.

  1. Because of the amazing power of the fusion, Sanic and Doge only use it when absolutely necessary. The first time this fusion was used was during a battle with Weegee. Weegee had absorbed energy from the Ultimate Spaghetti Monster, and so was able to beat Super Sanic and an allying Doge. Doge told Sanic to smoke his Shindu Weed, and something great would happen. Sanic said OK, and to his surprise he fused with Doge to become Doge Sanic. Transforming into Super Doge Sanic, he battled Weegee and defeated the Pesky Plumber.
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