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Dark Shedew is the Dark version of Shedew Edgehog created by absorbing the 7 Dark Doritos. He is the edgiest form any hegehog has ever accomplished and is the head of the Edgelords of 'Murica. In fact, he is so edgy that, according to basic math, edginess x edginess= Dark Shedew. His rival is Dark Sanic.


Once the Dark Doritos have been absorbed, Shedew's skin will slowly turn from black to pitch-black, and his bright red hair will slowly fade into really dark blue. His mouth will become so dark that it becomes almost invisible, but his eyes, oddly, remain exactly the same as before. The process will continue until Shedew's entire body has faded into darkness.

Powers And AbilitiesEdit

  • Dark Edgy Laser
  • Edgy Factor
  • Anti Powers
  • Super Edge
  • Edgy Flight
  • Edgy Gun
  • Cult Group Call
  • Culting
  • Ritual

Things Dark Shedew Has DoneEdit

Effortlessly defeated Dark Sanic.

Battled Anti-Shrek.

Defeated the entire Edgelords Of 'Murica single-handedly.

Defeated Super Sanic.

Was scaled higher than Hyper Shedew in the Hegehog Power Rankings

Formed an entire emo cult group worshipping himself

Killed Weegee Just by shooting

Beat Doge Sanic


Once, when Shedew was participating in a dank science experiment with Sanic, the experiment went wrong and sucked Shedew's edginess right out of him. Without a host body to inhabit, Shedew's edginess took on a form very similar to Dark Shedew. Without his legendary edginess, Shedew lost his faith in himself and became depressed, so it was up to Sanic to bring Shedew's edginess back. He transformed into Super Sanic and battled it, but the pure edginess was too much for him to handle. Finally, Sanic embraced his own edginess and turned into Dark Sanic, finally (somehow) convincing Shedew's edginess it was better off inside its host body.

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