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Dark Sanic is the edgiest form of Sanic Hegehog. When Sanic becomes really pissed while using the Chaos Doritos to turn into Super Sanic, he can sometimes turn into this form instead. Sanic can also become Dark Sanic if he uses the power of the Dark Doritos. He is 420x edgier than Super Sanic and about as edgy as Super Shedew. He also has major anger issues, so get on his bad side and you'll pay the price. Overall, this is not a form you should mess with.

Powers And AbilitiesEdit

Dark Sanic has all of the powers of regular Super Sanic, but much edgier. He is nearly invulnerable to most attacks, can shoot dark beams from his hands, can fly multiple times faster than the speed of light, and take on universally powerful beings like Fire Weegee. He can also use a darker and edgier version of Sanic's Spin-Dash attack, and even transform into Dark Sanicball for maximum agility and mobility. Strength-wise, Dark Sanic is 2x more powerful than Super Sanic, putting him in a tier beyond universal in strength and allowing him to take on powerful edge-lords like Super Shedew and Venum in combat. Besides strength and edginess, Dark Sanic and Super Sanic are equal in all other categories, including durability and speed. As stated before, he also has huge anger issues and typically overreacts to things, especially during fights. He is a lot crueler than any other Sanic form and is not afraid of breaking the rules in order to win a fight.

However, as edgy as Dark Sanic is, he still has limits. If someone manages to surpass Dark Sanic in edginess, like Dark Shedew, then Dark Sanic can do almost nothing against them. Super Shedew can also rival Dark Sanic in edginess, putting them in a somewhat-equal tier, though Dark Sanic, with his anger issues and rule-breaking, usually surpasses Shedew in a one-on-one fight. But of course, Dark Sanic is still unable to combat the Edge-God himself, Anti-Shrek.

Stupor Smesh BrersEdit

While Dark Sanic himself does not appear in Stupor Smesh Brers, a trophy of him can be unlocked. The description for it reads, "The edgiest Sanic form around, you do NOT want to get on Dark Sanic's bad side, and he HAS no good side. Any edge-lord wannabes who wanna take him on will really get what they deserve."


Dark Sanic is one of the only truly edgy Sanic forms.

Dark Sanic is also the only Sanic form that rivals Shedew in edginess.

Dark Sanic is the only form of Sanic that uses the color black.

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