DUC (pronounced dawckles) is a (fictional) company. They are know for thier cartoons including TEH AVONTRURES OF SANIC TEH HEGEHOG, SANIC SUNPM and SANIC UNDAGRUND. they made some other cartoons but this is a sanic wiki so who cares.

Shows Edit

Sanic sunpm- sanic goes fast and qwicksc0pes robuttnick in mobletropolis

Sanic undagrund- sanic, monik, and sania play rock songs and quicksc0pe robuttnick

teh avontures of sanic hegehog- comedy about sanic. thats it.

NOT-SEGA Anime co. buyout Edit

on 8/1/2008, NOTSEGA bought DUC and announced they will be making an anime reboot of Taosh.

September 11 Entertainment Shooting Edit

On 9/11/2013, a series of terrorists shot everyone in a small radius on the 1-6th floors of the building. The 60 remaining works dialed 911 and the terrorists were terminated in 6 minutes.

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