Cyber 8 ( is a Polish YouTuber famous for "George Cures Autism" and "Peppa's Basement" He makes funny short 3D movies and films and appears to be obsessed with cannibalism. He is as well the creator of life and is the cause for the creation of earth. He was blessed by these powers by Big Chungus, who required help to defeat shaggy.


  • Magolor
  • suzie (from planet robobot)
  • haltmann
  • kirby
  • taranza
  • queen sectonia
  • fumu and bun
  • Parm and memu
  • Sanic
  • knackles
  • taels
  • CreationIsNotTheEnd

Dislikes Edit

  • stale prince polos
  • moldy bread
  • caillou
  • barney
  • when his vids are stolen by other users but dosen't care
  • Happy Appy
  • sour foods
  • Being erased
  • Peppa
  • YouTube in general
  • Reupload channels
  • be terminated

Likes Edit

  • prince polos
  • kirby games
  • looney tunes
  • Świat według Kiepskich (polish drama)
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