Chaos doritos

These doritos seem abnormally good lookin'. And smell like fruits, too.


Avocado Cheese Doritos. I EM NAUT LOOMYNARTY!!!!

They help Sanic turn in too Super Sanic. They ar yummie. deir ar sehvehn ofh dem.

  • Pink Yogurt dorito: tastes kinda like strawberry yogurt.
  • Wild Blue dorito: flavor is reminiscent of blue raspberries; which are actually freakin' blue, by the way.
  • GREEN DORITO...: Oh noes! It's da loomynarty!!!
  • Sunshine Yello' Dorito: Tael's fav! Reminds me of dem' Texas beaches n' sunshine.


  • Knuckle's Fury Red Dorito: The power of Knuckle's swag in every bite. Nuff' said!
  • Freaking Awesome Violet Dorito: Smells exactly like a violet. And a hunk of Dutch Edam.
  • Ocean Dew Dorito: Tastes like the sea 'o' orange Mountain Dew!
  • White Sprite Dorito: Tastes like refreshing.
  • Aqua Dorito: It allows you to breathe underwater.
  • Space Dorito: If you're weak, have this to breathe IN SPACE!!!
  • Almighty Orange Dorito: The original that gives you over 9000 strength.
  • Rainbow Dorito: The power of appearing rainbows.
  • Winged Dorito: It has wings and flies fast.
  • Ghost Dorito: 2spooky4me
  • Forgotten Dorito: No one knows what this dorito looks like...
  • Spike Dorito: One of the spikes found on the Island is actually a Chaos Dorito.
  • Dark Dorito: Looks like an Edgy Dorito but isn't
  • Do you know who else likes Chaos Doritos? That's right, it's Spoderman. Chaos Doritos have been scientifically proven to boost Spoderman's web production, and makes webs more durable!

The Chaos Doritos also can turn Sanic into Hyper Sanic if he takes them while drinking the classic Mountain Dew. ​

Well, there you have it. Gotta stay on the lookout for dem' doritos! You can find dem' in

Chaos dotiros

many Sanic Games

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