"....." Burc is Silent, alot of the time

Creation Date Unknown
Physical attributes
Colour Beige
Abilities Bear Hugging, Heavy Guns
Aliases Dinosaur Rider from Burc
Game Appearances Sonic le Foightas
TV Show Appearances Unknown

Burc is a Polar Bear, with power that makes Knackles look weak, he has cared for Boin since Boin was a Saurophaganax, 11 years ago, Burc is 19 and the only member of time holigawn that is not a hyperactive hooligan. Burc can create ice, even in the middle of the sun, the ice means he cannot feel the heat and cannot be killed by the Taels Doll, as he cannot feel the sunshine. Burc once talked to boin, he was talking about Fung being a EXE, which was deconfirmed by Juses, and Juses is always correct.

Burc is a cool dude, he actually saved Sanic from Robuttnick once, that was a great day.

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