"Fung, can we keep the Bunny Wabbit?"

Been dinomit by sanik123alt-da60r7x
Creation Date Unknown
Physical attributes
Colour Lime
Abilities Killing others,
Aliases Saurofaganakusu, Boin
Game Appearances Sanic le Foightas
TV Show Appearances Unknown
Been dinomit by sanik123alt-da60r7x

Boin talking to Fung about keeping Creme za Wabbit.

"No Boin, We already have enough with you and Burc"

Fung declines the offer, kind of hypocritical as he does try to keep Mureen as a pet, or a girlfriend, we do not know, but they get along.

Boin le Dinomight is a duck that forgot that he is no longer a Saurophaganax, he is now a duck. He is the explosive side of Time Holigawn, and Burcs foster son, . Boin is a Terrorist, always shouting Kidzuku nan kibu before killing somebody, he wants Fung to notice he killed someone, every time, which is annoying. When Time Holigawn were dinosaurs, He was a Saurophaganax, he still thinks he is. Boin is only 11

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