• Jerebear1

    Sanic is fasting through the forest when Taels suddenly screams, "SANIC SANIC MATEL SANIC IS BAC!" What will Sanic do? A. Confront the menace. B. Punch Taels in the face for being a dipshit. C. Eat Doritos. D. Ride on a magical Shrek. A: Sanic fasts over and goes over to Matel Sanic and yells, "HEY YOU DUMB BRIK I HAPPEN TO KNOW PEOPLE WHO KNOW PEOPLE WHO PEOPLE WHO KNOW PEOPLE WHO KNOW PEOPLE WHO KNOW PEOPLE WHO KNOW JOHN CENA SO YA BETTER WATCH OUT BUBAROONIE!" What will Matel Sanic do? E. Blast Sanic. F. Run away like he should. G. Summon assistance. H. Blow himself up. B: Sanic punches Taels in the face for being a dipshit. THE END C: Sanic grabs a bag of Doritos and begins eating. While he's eating, Matel Sanic destroys the world. THE…

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    yep my own FNAS. its pretty mlg than the last game. here's the animatronics.

    • Sanic (From Sanic)
    • Rice (From The Zombie Chasers)
    • Arle (From Puyo Puyo)
    • Chris (From Impossible Quiz)
    • Taels (From Sanic)
    • Knuckles (From Sonic Boom)

    • Sonic (From Sonic Boom, old version of Sanic)
    • Zomb-rice (From The Zombie Chasers, Book 3 and 4)
    • Old Arle (From Puyo Puyo but Madou Monagatri version)
    • Phlovomite (From Impossible Quiz, mentioned by the Phone Caller that Chris broke down so they had to replace it)
    • Tails (From Sonic Boom, old version of Taels)
    • New Sanic (From Sanic)
    • Anime Rice (From The Zombie Chasers, but looks change into an anime)
    • New Arle (From Puyo Puyo but 3d)
    • Fwarl (From Puyo Puyo Quest)
    • Greap (From Puyo Puyo Quest)
    • Empusa (From Puyo Puyo Quest)
    • Monica (From Puyo Puy…

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Diz mah fun-gume I mud.

    • Sanic
    • Arle
    • Yu & Rei
    • Pingas
    • Weegee
    • Spy
    • Fonton
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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Sanic Mixed is a fanfiction I made where the plot centers on Sanic accidentally eating Werewolf Mtn Dew and he becomes a WEREFAST. Basically, after this happened, he accidentally now summons... a Dank War. Luigi tries to shrek it but ends up being Weegee'd by Skeletron. After that Cooper and Sanic were the only survivors and everyone else is going to be eaten by Egg Man and his minions. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    • Sanic - The Protagonist of the movie. Sanic is supa dank and he appears in ALMOST every scene.
    • Sawneek - Egg Man's minion. Sawneek likes trolling people by zapping them.
    • Sunky - Appears to be a fired minion of Egg Man because he "was too scary". He tries to fight Sanic but ends up teaming with him.
    • Marshal the Fire Dog - Egg Man'…

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  • UltraAwesomeKid

    i just joinded da wiki now 1v1 me m8

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    Good morning, sweethearts! The tempature is below freezing outside, and today is the perfect day to cuddle up with your homies and sip a mugfull of hot cocoa.

    Just a quick stop to send you a pretty picture to brighten your day!

    ~Have a good day, Mr. Spike~


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    Hello, guys and gals! It's pretty cold today in New York, so why not toast some buns? (no pun intended)

    Today, we're focusing on a new funny humor/YTP cartoon made by the NOT-SEGA Anime Co. I promise FNAF and FNAP characters to be present in this toaster and Legend Of Zelda-laden masterpiece!

    The idea is quite new, and there will definetly be fanfiction-crossovers, Youtube Poops and an internet series to top it all off.

    Thanks guys! Hope you join our wiki!

    ~Mr. Spike~ 

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    Hello, guys and gals! Just stopping by to tell you some great news, munch on M&M bread, and warm up your creativity and ideas!

    We're almost up to 100 articles! That's right, 100! We need your help to reach that amount! You guys are awesome!

    By the way, as our wiki expands, we need more users and ideas! I decided that it would be a nice time during the snowy season to sketch up some fan-made SANIC BALLS, eh?

    We want YOUR SUGGESTIONS! Whether it be a new Sanic character you made up yourself, Shadow Kirby, or Spoderman, please draw a picture and tell us about your character!

    1. Please draw the skin of your character. It's best to do this on a virtual paint program. Be creative and make up something really nice that everyone will adore!
    2. Please be origi…

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    Hi, guys and gals! What's up today? Ain't it kinda snowy outside your window?

    I'm Mr. Spike, and I've been working quite hard on improving the articles on this FAST WIKI! Gotta go fast, guys! Still a lotta spelling errors and stubby articles to fix up with my magical word power! And creativity too!

    Please help out, guys, and please spruce up on your writing skills. And happy Valentine's day coming up in Feburary! Let's celebrate! WOO! (as I sip up a cuppa hot chocolate at the Lor Starcutter.) 

    ~Sincerly, Spiky Hair Dude~

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  • TonicHedgefox

    Two Day Poll

    April 10, 2015 by TonicHedgefox

    Welcome to the Two Day Poll!

    Welcome to the Two Day Poll blog! In this blog, a poll will be on this blog and within two days, that action will be done and the poll will change!

    Previous Poll Score

    No polls have been done.

    Current Poll

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