sombody once towd me the wowd was gonna know me i aint the shawpest tool in da shed she was wookin kind of dumb wif her fingew and hew fum in da sape of a w to hew fowhead

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Sanic, Dolan, and 7 more characters (more memes in the original)

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  • It's not a ripoff of mario kart double dash..
  • Sanic and Dolan are the main characters.
  • On the cover, you may find Doge and Pruto in the background, but Blue Blob and that pink blob in the deluxe version.
  • In the level Green Trill Zone, a Motobug may be seen in background and the City Escape BGM is heard in the level.
  • In the level Sanic's 1st Anniversary, a glitched Gooby may be seen in the background and the Sanic Theme Song is playing. Earrape!!!!!!!!!
  • In the level Baldi's School, Sanic and Dolan may be completely glitched when as the CPU in 8th place.

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