7 grand dad is a krazy strong thicc boi from the bootleg dimension. 7 Grandad is like a nother version of weejee but less strong, 7 Grandad is ruler of his own dimension called the Bootleg dimension.

powers Edit

7 grandad has a lot of powers, But I'll just tell u the cooles ones. 7 grandad kan summon fred, Play teh flinstones theme, And can also creep people out, Just like malleo. 7 Grandad likes to say he is stronger then weejee but he wont fight weejee so we may never no if he is. 7 Grandad can grow his mustache to attack people, Jump on thir head, And has really bad breath. But the koolest power of all is his grandad death stare, He uses it to turn people into spaghetti monsters to work for him. Grandad is 7 years old even though he was born at the beginning of the universe. Grandad can also throw his cap on enemies to become them.

the ytp war Edit

grandad did not fight in the ytp war because he was busy creating a wicked army to beat them afterwords, But during the YTP-WAR he summoned a huuuuge spaghetti monster to kill everyone. He also exploded the monster to kill more people, But sanik escaped in the nick of timez. But ugandan knuckles was crushed, BUt survived because of knowing de wae.

after the ytp war. Edit

After the ytp war grandad was super fricking strong, But was beat by malleo, But this only made his army unleashed on the world, And his minions still work to this day underground trying to bring him back to life. Although grandad didn't do much, If he comes back, The whole world will be in danger.

trivia Edit

  • grandad kinda wasted his life.
  • Grandad is actually not a ytp, He is the king of all bootlegs.
  • Grandad is best friends with fred flinstone.
  • Grandad is a magik boi
  • Grandad only has one special form, Known as SHADOW GRANDAD, He became this after he died, And nobody knows what he is gonna doooo
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